The Water Eye calls us to gather together to heal water, reseed it with a new story, and protect our water for future generations. The Water Eye acknowledges that presently 89% of the world’s water is contaminated. We ARE water!

The Water Eye encourages water optimism. Optimism is the disposition to “see” the favorable side of conditions and expects the most favorable outcome. The belief that good ultimately wins over not-good in the world, goodness prevails. The belief that water within us and without us wants to reach its highest potential, its Optimum.

Does hope float?
The water eye is committed to building hope where there is hopelessness and building pathways towards a healthier reality and ease were there is disease. Alignment where there is misalignment and harmony where there is disharmony. The Water Eye will present pathways towards raising the hope factor, in this case, hope floats. We site Dr. Emoto’s simple and elegant experiment where a group of Japanese children put their feelings of love, gratitude, hope, blessings, apologies and good wishes into a small beaker of water. One drop of that water, fast frozen, was microscope assessed as having magnificent snowflake geometry, balanced, and beautiful. Afterwards they poured this small beaker into a larger vat of “dead” tap water from Tokyo that had been similarly tested revealing a lifeless, not patterned, unhappy, and non-delineated, structure. Then they retested the vat of water. Instantly, the vat of water changed, it was as if the whole vat had been imbued with the children’s love and gratitude. This is a powerful experiment to show how a small group, as Margaret Mead said, can effect great change… when that small group is coming from a high place of love, unity, gathering, and gratitude. Hope floats.

The water eye has been trained under the tutelage of Dr. Jean Houston Seminars where Dr. Jean Houston has for more than half-a-century been considered the pioneer of the Human Potential Movement. We are calling upon water optimists to save water and believe that water can indeed be healed. We encourage others to share their  passion for healing water. This is call towards healing water.

Many links will be added to demonstrate and reveal the folks that are devoted to falling in love with water. Please link your site with ours if you are working with water, we are happy to include it.

Optimism and Hope are two of the underpinnings of human potential: the power to manifest latent excellence and the ability to reach ones optimum.

The Water Eye looks forward to you joining us as a water optimist! How you can uplift and restore your relationship with water and how you can affect your community, family, and government with a new sense of water optimism.

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“…Thanks for bringing the spirituality of water to us at Mystery School. It has drastically changed my relationship with water. Love, Peggy Dean” -Executive Director of the Jean Houston Foundation (2011)


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