“A unique ancient vibe. When I walk through the Agora, its the only place in the world where I get electric chills from the heels of my feet to the top of my head.”     -Gloria Rossi Menedes
“Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence.” – John Milton

  • Arrive and acclimate at a centrally located 5-Star Hotel
  • Registration
  • Initial Gathering
  • The Archeological Museum of Athens
  • A night of Greek food, live music, and dance in the historic neighborhood of Plaka
  • The Acropolis and Museum

Learning enrichment, (i.e. viewing documentaries on recent water research, Qi Gong in the early mornings/evenings, water meditations) will happily be available before and after scheduled excursions during the free time. Your attendance is optional.

Ikaria Island

Next up is Ikaria, one of the seven Blue Zones, a “longevity hotspot,”on the planet–where people live significantly healthier and longer lives. Ikaria has the highest percentage of 90-year-olds on the planet.  Ikarians “have about 20 percent lower rates of cancer, 50 percent lower rates of heart disease and almost no dementia.” Is there something in the water?

In addition, the natural hot springs on the island of Ikaria have put it on the map as a health destination for centuries.

  • Unwind in natural hot springs
  • Soak in the Aegean Sea at Seychelles Beach, one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches
  • Organic Farm Visit and Ikarian Cooking Lessons, culminating in a farm to table meal.
  • A unique opportunity to experience an all-night Ikarian Panayiri: a local traditional eating and dancing festival. Having fun is part of longevity!
  • Local guides will show us why Ikaria has been designated a Blue Zone.

Mount Olympus- Litochoro

We are going to where the Greek Gods reside on the highest mountain in Greece, Olympus.

It is located in the Olympus Range on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia in northern Greece.

There is much to see: expansive scenery of the high ridges as well as the beautiful forests and wildflowers.  The area is designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

“Art is not delivered like the morning paper; it has to be stolen from Mount Olympus.”
–Wayne Thiebaud

  • We will be going on guided tours of its slopes on several walks: pick your level of difficulty–from easy to difficult
  • Day trip to the Ancient City of Dion (see next entry)
  • Culmination in the enjoyment of a hearty post-hike Greek feast


Dion, sacred to Zeus, located in the foothills of Olympus was first mentioned in 424 B.C. Alexander the Great celebrated the preparations for his famous campaigns at Dion.

“The great baths ….surpass all others in size and luxury. In the 2nd an 3rd century AD the Thermai…were not simply hot baths, …….The citizens used to spend several hours almost every say at the baths,…..had opportunities for social intercourse, the worship of the gods, physical exercise and recreation.”  -Dimitrios Pandermalis

“The worship of the water of Olympus seems to have been a decisive factor in the foundation of this site…”
-Dimitrios Pandermalis


  • A day tour of this extraordinary archeological site with an experienced guide

Thermal Springs of Loutraki-Pozar

The Loutraki-Pozar baths are located in the municipality of Almopia, 13 km northwest of Aridaia. The word “pozar” means ember, burning coal. The area of the Pozar Baths is a natural sight, located in a green environment with plane trees and waterfalls. Tile paved paths and constructed wooden bridges aid the visitor follow the mountain paths and reach the complex of the 16 caves. The open pool and the “ponds”, which are naturally shaped in the bank of the hot river, offer the chance of bathing in a fascinating natural scenery. The visitors come to the baths from every corner of Greece either to receive the beneficial properties of the curative waters (therapeutic – relaxing), or to escape in the beautiful mountains with the caves.

  • Immerse ourselves in the thermal waters of Loutraki-Pozar
  • Take advantage of therapy-sessions
  • Day Trip to the Museum of Northern Greece (see next entry)
  • Day trip to the Edessa Waterfalls (see below)

The Edessa Waterfalls

Waterfalls are considered as one of the most impressive natural phenomenon around the world. Enjoy a visit to Greece’s picturesque waterfall in Edessa town which happens to be the capital of Pella. The river forming this renowned Greek waterfall is Edessaios. The city is filled with little bridges and the sound of running water will accompany your strolls around the town.

  • View some beautiful waterfalls
  • Enjoy a planned scrumptious meal literally behind a waterfall.
  • Enjoy the mists and the sounds of the falling of water in the warmth of June and be transported and uplifted by the natural beauty of Edessa.

The Museum of Royal Tombs Aigai

The Museum of Royal Tombs Aigai in Vergina, Northern Greece contains finds from all over Northern Greece. We will see outstanding creations that Alexander the Great commissioned for the funeral celebration of his father, Philippi II. It is an opportunity to see, without a doubt, ancient artistry at its highest level.

  • Day trip to see the Gold of Philippi II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, and his tomb at The Museum of Royal Tombs Aigai in Vergina, Northern Greece

Thermae Sylla

    Reputed to be one the worlds top 10 Spas, the Five Star- Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel has a great history. The curative springs have been known for thousands of years. The ancient Greek philosophers and Hippocrates mention the springs in their writings. In addition, the hotel was named after a Roman General Sylla who came to the springs and was cured of his arthritis.
     The ancient Greek writers and philosophers praised the thermal springs, where the Nymphs offered the divine gifts of health, wellbeing, strength, and spirit invigoration.

  • Indulge in the Wellness Center’s offerings. (See a list of the Spa’s offerings here)
  • Delicious meets healthy in beautifully designed Greek/Mediterranean cuisine from locally sourced ingredients


Our “Celebrate Greece ~ Honor Water” Journey ends at the magnificent Cape Sounion, below the Temple of Poseidon where the ancient Greeks worshiped the God of the Sea. We will be staying at the Aegeon Hotel, a luxurious hotel with epic views.

  • A guided tour through the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon.
  • Enjoy the beach the world-renowned Sounion sunset.
  • A sunset closing farewell dinner party-Greek style- with singing and dancing.